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Since land is an essential resource, Vanpec Solaris is committed to an environmentally friendly land use in agreement with local communities.

Vanpec Solaris is committed from an environmental perspective :

  • Responsible Land Planning

Rooftop solar panels as well as solar parks are evaluated by Vanpec Solaris for their benefits to local planning and development objectives. The aim is to provide a customised resource for individuals, communities or cities looking for a local, sustainable development projects.They also provide polluted sites and former industrial areas with a unique and profitable opportunity for reconversion.

  • Integration into landscapes & buildings

For each project, Solairedirect aims at ensuring a perfect integration into an urban or countryside environment. This integration requires a thorough selection of the sites at the development stage and a precise landscaping of all solar farms.

  • Energy Positive building

Vanpec solaris is developing partnerships with property developers for the construction of energy positive houses, which combine energy efficiency with renewable energy generation.

  • Carbon footprint reduction

Vanpec Solaris carries out a systematic assessment of the carbon footprint of its solar farms and is in the process of assessing the overall carbon footprint of its business.

Vanpec Solaris is committed from a community perspective :

  • Strategic partnerships

Right from the beginning, Vanpec solaris has taken care to build up a community of stakeholders essential to the development of solar power, ensuring that its operations are compliant with sustainable development principles.

  • Community involvement in projects

Local communities have come to think of farms that are built on their land as their own, thanks to the dialogue initiated with all stakeholder groups (elected officials, associations, schools) from the very first stages of development.

  • Mentoring and Sponsoring

Vanpec Solaris is, both through its policies and on the ground, a patron for the local communities where solar facilities have been built. The financial support it provides is intended to facilitate the development of a local sustainable environmental policy around these projects and, in this way, to combine private initiatives with public interest, in a consistent, community based approach.

  • Compensation schemes

In order to offset the residual damage (which can be mitigated but not avoided) to the environment, Vanpec Solaris has set up environmental and agricultural offsetting policies with a number of specialised consulting firms. The offsetting measures are designed to respond to locally-identified needs and are implemented in cooperation with the authorities involved.

Vanpec Solaris is committed from our partners’ perspective :

  • Target-based contracts

Vanpec Solaris aims to serve the interests of all of its customers, whether in the field of solar power plant safety, energy performance or environmental performance.
These aims have been converted into targets with real figures and we guarantee that they will be met.

  • Performance guarantees

All the facilities designed and built by Vanpec solaris are covered by a performance guarantees for generation, operating time and contract-secured energy performance.

  • Team values

Vanpec Solaris is a recently formed, fast growing company with team of young and dynamic professionals from many different backgrounds. We all share the same values of excellence and enjoy working together. The company’s proactive approach has helped it quickly establish itself as a leader in photovoltaic electricity generation in the world, before setting out to conquer foreign markets.

  • Excellence in health and safety

Vanpec Solaris is always striving to improve its health and safety performance by applying strict industrial standards. It has a policy of Zero Tolerance for work safety targets.

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