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Vanpec Solaris is more than just a simple project developer, installer or even manufacturer of photovoltaic modules. It is an integrated operator of solar (and only solar) electricity.

Accordingly, Vanpec Solaris is in the process of industrialising all the upstream elements of the photovoltaic sector, where it seems most difficult to reduce costs, and where ultimately there is a significant difference between the most competitive operators and the rest.

Competitiveness :
From its inception, the company has set itself the objective to become an energy specialist operating entirely in this new energy, becoming a global champion of solar power generation.
The main challenge now for solar power is to overcome dependence on incentive schemes and produce solar electricity as quickly as possible at a competitive price (grid parity).
To achieve that goal, Solairedirect has focused on 2 key issues:

1. Reducing construction costs (EPC= engineering, procurement, construction)
2. Reducing financing costs (WACC= weighted average cost of capital)

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