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With the aim of providing clean, reliable and cost-competitive solar power, Vanpec Solaris has developed in-depth technical expertise in photovoltaic technology. Vanpec solaris is constantly innovating and pushing the limits of leading-edge solar technology even further.

High efficiency solar panels :
All our panels have very high-yield cells and anti-reflective glass to increase efficiency by 3% compared with standard panels.

Production optimisation :
Optimising our clients’ solar production over the long term is one of Vanpec Solaris founding principles. That is why Vanpec Solaris has decided to equip all its installations with a monitoring system. Vanpec Solaris is currently the only Photovoltaic’s operator that monitors all its installations daily, providing all its clients with perfect visibility of their installations’ performance.
Through this monitoring, Vanpec Solaris continuously builds up its expertise in photovoltaics (sunshine analysis, operational assessments, etc.,) to provide its clients with high-quality preventive and corrective maintenance based on this feedback.
Product and system innovation

Our solution was specially designed to optimise the installation production thanks to :

  • Enhanced ventilation and complete use of the production surface area (140 W/sq. m.),

  • Increased waterproofing efficiency,

  • Enhanced design: fewer visible frames, black frames, choice of several colours for the roof system,

  • An increased useful life for the installation (condensation control under panels, resistance to corrosion, resistance to wind and snow).

Top class engineering :
The corporate engineering team has developed expertise and capitalisation of key industry skills bases.Vanpec Solaris is also developing expertise on sensitive subjects such yield prediction, simulations, and product innovation with three goals:

  • end-to-end cost reduction,

  • performance optimisation,

  • improved security

Local production :
A knowledge management system is used to share and capitalize this technical knowledge with every Vanpec Solaris team wherever they are in the world.Local Project Engineering teams then benefit from this expertise while taking account of local standards and needs when developing local projects.

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